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Tom started photography in junior high school in 1957 at Leland Jr. High in Bethesda, Maryland. His father encouraged him to take black and white photographs, something that evolved into becoming a photographer for the school yearbook and for a daily newspaper in Washington DC, called the Washington Daily News.

Tom would take photos of sports events throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan area with his 120 Rolleiflex film camera and hurry home to make the midnight deadline for the Saturday paper.

The black and white photos were developed in his home darkroom and quickly processed for the newspaper. While attending Bethesda Chevy Chase High School, he sold cameras and darkroom supplies to press and magazine photographers from National Geographic and other famous publications at Baker’s Photo Supply in Washington DC.

Photography continued to be a hobby for Mr. Jacquemin while he worked as a school counselor, including digital and larger format photography.

However photography would not stay a hobby forever. Tom retired from thirty-four years of counseling and teaching in education and his passion of photography quickly exchanged from a hobby to professional work. He moved with his wife, Bonnie, to Hillsboro in 1999 and very quickly started to sell his work. In the summer of 2001, he first started selling his photographs at a variety of local farmer’s markets, including the Hillsboro Farmer’s Market, Beaverton Farmer’s Market, and now the Cedar Mill Farmer’s Market.

His photography has been on display at the Influence Gallery and Hart Gallery as well in hospitals and clinics, such as Vancouver’s new medical facility and UCLA Hospital.

In addition, Tom also donates his services to local high school seniors, homeless shelters, and others that cannot afford professional portrait services. He and Bonnie have five children and eleven grandchildren.